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Who Are We

The Rockwall and Brin Church of Christ is a group of people from many different backgrounds that has been called together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

We are a people who believe that God’s word, the Bible, is inerrant and infallible. We believe that Jesus Christ is the very Son of God, and that we have been saved from our sins and sinful nature by grace, through faith, in Jesus Christ alone. Baptism (water immersion) is a faith response to this truth and the Lord’s supper is a faith renewal that coincides with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because of what he has done for us, we are called to take the truth of God’s saving grace, through Jesus Christ, to all corners of our world and make disciples. We also hold to the truth that those who are called to salvation are called to discipleship (following Jesus). In other words, discipleship is not an option. Each of us are being transformed or sanctified by the empowering Holy Spirit to become the reflection of Jesus Christ. We believe transformation happens by believing and studying the Word of God, living a life in community with Christ-focused people, and serving and loving people the way Jesus did.

Our Mission is to Develop the spiritual talents of believers, Send disciples out to further His Kingdom, and Lead people to Jesus Christ.