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History of R&B

The Rockwall and Brin Church of Christ is a congregation of over 200 members in Terrell, Texas.

The members of the Rockwall and Brin congregation represent a variety of religious backgrounds, though many have deep roots in the Church of Christ heritage.

Growing out of meetings held in members’ homes, our congregation was organized in 1895. Services were held in the Odd Fellows Hall until 1900, when a small church was built on College and Frances Streets. The congregation experienced deep spiritual growth during the early 1900’s and the membership acquired new status as more Christians moved into Terrell and found a place to worship in the “friendly little church on the corner.”

After World War II, our church seemed to take on new life and was outgrowing the existing building. To accommodate the larger church membership, a new church building was erected on the corner of Rockwall and Brin Streets. During this time period, mission work was started abroad and the church began providing moral support and encouragement to the students at Southwestern Christian College in Terrell. Many couples associated with the college have been vital to the work in our congregation.

In March of 1994, our church building was destroyed by fire and could not be salvaged. The education building was spared and we still had a place to worship. As always, the Lord was with us. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Rockwall and Brin grew in spirit and numbers. A new building was completed in November of 1995. Shortly after, the congregation built a Family Life Center that provided additional space for church-wide events, more Bible classrooms, and expansion of the youth program.

As our congregation has grown, so has God’s work in serving the local community. The youth group, bus program, ladies’ ministry, communion for shut-ins, and the Share Center became thriving ministries. The church has also supported several missionaries over the years and the Boles Home for Children in Quinlan. Our church is a family of believers who worship, serve, learn, and grows together as we share the good news of Christ. We aim to be the people the Lord calls us to be. While we are an imperfect church, we serve a perfect God.